With the New System, you must Signup for a NEW CCBILL account to make sure you get Proper Credit for each New sale you send. If you signed up after 24 February 2008 you are fine.

  1. When you sign up under any of the TNA Cash Programs, you have entered into a binding contract with us (TNA Productions, LLC.) relating to the Terms and Conditions of our Webmaster program (herein called "program"). We reserve the right to cancel the program, or this agreement with you, at any time, with or without prior notice at any time, with or without forfeiture of all payments, and rebills.
  2. We will pay you 50% (fifty percent) of Revenues. "Revenues" are total monies paid for a subscription to a Membership site offered by TNACash.com in which you sent the customer. Payment will be made by a third party, CCBILL.
  3. Payments are handled by a third party, CCBILL. They send out checks weekly, and can combine all of your CCBILL accounts. This money is sent straight to you, we never see the share you earned.
  4. Only one account per corporation, company and/or organization, unless a written request for more is received and granted. Direct all E-Mail's to Webmaster@tnacash.com
  5. We may refuse to admit applicants into the program for any reason, not limited to the content of his/her website, at our sole discretion.
  6. If we elect to cancel either this program or this contract with you, you will be paid through the moment of termination, unless not entitled for one or more of the reasons listed below:
    1. Improper Content Sending links or hits from Sites or URL's which contain, promote, or link to any of the following will result in immediate cancellation of your account, exclusion from any further participation in the program and forfeiture of all funds accrued or owing: bestiality, child pornography (under any state or federal law), Warez Sites. Our decision on these matters is final and binding on you.
    2. Unethical Practices References generated by spamming (unsolicited emails) in newsgroups or otherwise, fraudulent credit activity, or any other method that would reflect adversely on TNA Productions, LLC., its subsidiaries or affiliates will not be honored and will result in immediate termination of your participation and forfeiture of all sums due or owing.
    3. Sending traffic from sites that use Stolen Content, Sites that can not prove 2257, Sites that tell the Surfer how to Cancel memberships, or any other form of trickery to acquire a sale.
    4. Free Content You may use content ONLY for the site that it is supplied for. All Big Pics must retain or be labeled with a URL stamp on the pic (SEE EXAMPLE) DO NOT Use content from the Members Areas. Content for promotion can also not be LOST on any page. Thus meaning, to many links to other programs. TNAProductions, LLC is the sole judge on this, and decisions are final.
  7. We do not support Warez or Password Sites. Any site enrolled in the program that we find engaging in, or supporting the practices of the aforementioned sites will be terminated immediately without payment.
  8. By signing up under the TNA Cash Program, you represent, warrant and agree that:
    1. You are at least 18 years of age and are legally empowered in you jurisdiction to enter into contracts
    2. If you are acting on behalf of a corporation or other business entity, the corporation must be a valid entity lawfully doing business in its jurisdiction and that you are duly authorized to enter into this agreement on its behalf.
    3. You have carefully read and agree to ALL the terms, conditions and rules set forth in this submission, and to any other policies, rules or conditions which TNA Productions, LLC may notify you of from time to time.
  9. TNA Productions, LLC reserves the right to change or alter these Terms and the FAQ at any time.
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